Monday, December 6, 2010

Crape Paper Rose

Stocking rose making video

stocking calalily making

How to make stocking Tulip

How to make stocking lotus

Foam rose tutorial

1.Cut 7- 8 petals , 3-4 tear shaped, 4-5 heart shaped pieces.
2.For centre portion cut rectangle shaped piece roll it from one side in cone shape, put some cotton inside cone, insert binding wire, close the end, tie it with thread. cover with floral tape.
3.tie tear drop shasped petals around centre portion one by one.
4. Now iron the tips of heart shaped petals using heated iron box, soon after ironing tip bends & bcome curled.
5.Now tie heart shaped petals alternatively so that it look like a rose.

Fomic floweres

Fomic floweres- calalily

Fomic floweres- chrysanthimum

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stocking blue flower


Stocking-Blue iris flower

Stocking-Bird of paradise flower

Stocking-Kikiat flower


Stocking - sunflower

Stocking flowers- lotus

Stocking flower-Tulip

Crepe paper-Hibiscus

Crepe paper orchid cattalia

Duplex crepe paper flowers- Tiger lily

Crepe paper- Water lily

crepe paper-rose

crepe paper- orchid